It’s slab time!  We were lucky enough to drive past the block on our way into town and caught the guys pouring and slaving over the slab so I was able to grab a few pictures.  This was a week before Christmas.  The builder had origingaly told us that he would have the frame up by Christmas time.  That hasn’t happened (today is the 13th January).  We noticed yesterday the timber for the frame had been delivered (we only live around the corner) but it has been pissing down with rain so there will be no frame going up until the rains stops.

Here are the pics of the slab being poured.

05d Torquay House Build - Slab being poured

05b Torquay House Build - Pouring the Slab

05c Torquay Build - The Slab being Poured

05a Torquay House Build - The slab is being poured

Hopefully it won’t be too long before I will be posting pictures of the frame going up!




Fences and Waffle Thingys

January 13, 2015

We have waffle things and fences We have waffle thingamajig things and fences :)


Fences and Waffles make it look like a house is being built!  So originally we were building on stumps because I wanted to have my ducted heating running under the floor but the girl who works for the builder ordered an $1800 report incorrectly from the surveyor or whoever and the plans were approved for a slab.  The builder would have had to repay another $1800 (which I’m sure would have been passed onto us) so we told him to leave it and just go ahead with the slab.  Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow…. I’m hoping that by working with the builder when there are cock ups he will look after us :)  You know how the old saying goes “more ants with honey”????

Any way we now have the waffle things down and the neighbours had contacted us a while ago to get the fence up.  We both agreed on the fencer and they needed it asap as they were moving in over christmas and needed to keep the dogs and kids in the back yard.  I actually recommended the fencer as a guy who had done an excellent job on a friends fences and after a few quotes and discussions (some fencing people never got back to us with quotes etc) we decided with the guy we went with and the style of fence at the front.

03c Torquay House Build - Waffles and Fences Waffles and Fences



03d - Torquay House Build - Waffles up close and personal Waffles up close and personal


03e Torquay House Build - Mr 13 Standing in the outdoor area Master 13 standing in the soon to be outdoor entertainment area



Dig Dig Digging Dig – The site has been cut :)

13 January 2015

It gets exciting when you see things start to happen!!  So we have neighbours (a lot can happen in a few months! lol) and we have the site cut out and ready for the plumbing and pegging out and whatever else they do before they pour a slab  

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We are building a new home!

13 January 2015

We have finally started to build our new home so I thought I would show you the progress along the way.  It’s been a tough haul just getting to this stage as we first purchased the block (or rather the bank did) way back in July 2013 and we had hassles with finance which was […]

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Raspberry Friands with and without a Thermomix

14 June 2014

I was actually looking through mums old collection of Australian Women’s Weekly Recipes Cards for an old fashioned pumpkin soup recipe and found a Raspberry Friand recipe that I got when I had a Chef’s Toolbox party at my place.  I realised I actually had all the ingredients so decided on a last minute bake […]

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