Omg. You’ve gotta see this… It’s called Helo

I have stumbled across an absolute health phenomenon.

It’s a nothing-like-it wearable technology health device (a huuuuuge business trend) that even the most sceptical of health professionals get convinced of and love it for everything it does.

It truly is… crazy – crazy.

Imagine a device on your wrist that…


— Does Non-Invasive blood sugar testing.

— Protects you from Mosquitoes.

— Uses Sensors to measure blood alcohol level.

— Can raise the oxygen levels in your blood in less than 20 minutes.

— That’s all in one device – using sensors – and there’s more.

It’s totally affordable.

If you are a health conscious person like me, this 4 min video is totally worth checking out!  If you want to know any more about it, message me at my FB Page HERE


Lipsense Red Crimson Review

September 16, 2015

I’ve seen this lipsense lipstick stuff videos running around Facebook and they really made me want to buy them because I’m one of those girls who loves wearing red lipstick but doesn’t love it on her teeth, coffee cup or wine glass!

I don’t know about you but I’m also really slack at reapplying.  Once I’ve left the house, my belief of how I look for the rest of the day is exactly how I looked when I looked in the mirror that morning at the precise moment that I had completed doing my hair and make up 🙂

I’m always a little shocked when I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror or window reflection to see that not half an hour after leaving the house my lipstick is gone!  So this stuff looked amazing.  It lasts for 24 hours and doesn’t come off on ANYTHING, not my teeth, my latte glass or a glass of wine.

It wouldn’t even come off during a passionate pash with another if you were so inclined.  It’s just like in the movies where they go in for a bit of tongue on tongue action and the guy doesn’t have a trace of lippy on him anywhere.  I wonder if I can use the old “No, don’t kiss me, you’ll wreck my lipstick” excuse now????


Anyway, here is the video unveiling of me trying the lipsense for the first time 🙂  Love it.  If you want to try it let me know and I’ll put you in touch with the girl I bought it from.


House Progress is fast

11 February 2015

The house is progressing so fast that I almost can’t keep up with taking photos and adding them to the blog.  The pictures in this post show the green stuff that they put up over the frame before the cladding goes on.  I think they do it when they brick it up too but I’m […]

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My lordy, Thermomix Chocolate Brownies

3 February 2015

I just quickly whipped up these amazballs Thermomix chocolate brownies and thought I would add them here for you. Easy and they took no time at all. I went in search of a recipe that I had all the ingredients for but alas could not find one that fit the contents of my cupboard so […]

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My little Ikea purchase

2 February 2015

I have just started the fun stuff….., Shopping 🙂 I have purchased the lights to go over the kitchen bench and then the second image is the light shade that will hang as a pendant light over the dining room table…. They were such a great price that if I ever want to change my […]

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