And life goes on….after the Thyroid Cancer is all taken away

December 19, 2011

Well, that was quick.  I’ve had my surgery and am already home and back into life.

The staff at the St John of God Hospital in Geelong were all so amazing, I was honestly really wowed by the attitude of every single person I came into contact with.  Even the lady who came in to spray my flowers with water every day was amazingly nice.  Maybe they give the staff all happy drugs there!!

On Wednesday I went up to the admissions dept at 12.30pm and they popped me in one of those pretty blue gowns that don’t really do up at the back and had me wait in a warm and cosy bed until it was my turn to be wheeled into the operating theater.

They put this paper blanket over me and attached a hose that blew hot air into the blanket to keep me all toasty and warm.  The nurse told me that it was to raise my body temperature so that my recovery time after surgery was quicker.

Hot Air Blanket

Getting me all warmed up ready for surgery

See the smile on my face, I can tell you that smile was not there when I woke up.  OMG it really hurt!!  But ahhhhhh they put a nice little button thingy in my hand and told me to press it whenever I felt pain.  NOICE!!  Morphine straight into my hurty bits.

You can see from the photo’s (WARNING, if you have a weak stomach don’t look) that I was pretty out of it.  It was probably about 5 hours later that I was coping better with the pain.  The next day mum came into visit and she said I looked a lot better than when she had come into see me after the surgery.

Total Thyroidectomy & Drainage Tube

This is what a Total Thyroidectomy with a Drainage Tube looks like

Tony took the following photo’s while I was in ICU.  So after one night in ICU I was up in the ward the next day, still in a lot of pain but feeling ok.  I managed to get a 3 night stay in hospital before coming home on Friday to sleep the weekend away.

Total Thyroidectomy from Thyroid Cancer

Spacey Tracie!! Thyroid Cancer certainly took me to another place

I could certainly have done with an eyebrow wax but lets try to ignore that shall we??  Also, what’s with that zit??  Was a big cut across my neck not enough that a pimple had to rear it’s ugly head on the day of my surgery??  That’s just plain nasty!!

Today was Monday 19th December and I actually felt pretty good.  In fact so good that I went and had my soy latte with my girlfriend Rini who came and picked me up to get me out of the house for a bit and then I actually scored a second outing with Tony and our friends Tania & Mick where we met up at the Bowing Cafe for another soy latte!

So after a couple of coffees I managed to come home to find one of the Prep mum’s from school had left a pie for dinner on our front door step.  WOW, how nice is that????????  She is a mum with a special needs child and already has her hands extremely full, so I was again overwhelmed with gratitute.  I have some amazing people in my life.  I am one lucky girl.

I’ll have to get going as the kids are needing my attention (I know this because they keep coming in and interrupting my thoughts), so I will try to pick up where I have left off when I have another minute to myself. I really want to show all of the flowers that I had delivered while I was in hospital and after I arrived home.  I’m not joking when I say I am a lucky girl with some amazing people around me!



  • Janelle

    Gee, only a little cut. So much smaller than I thought. So glad that this part is all over for you beautiful. The only way is up now. xxx

  • Lisa miller

    Tracie thankyou for sharing your special journey with us. As always you made me smile. You are an amazing lady xxx

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