We are building a new home!

January 13, 2015

Torquay Block Purchased and ready to build on Torquay Victoria block purchased and ready to build on….

We have finally started to build our new home so I thought I would show you the progress along the way.  It’s been a tough haul just getting to this stage as we first purchased the block (or rather the bank did) way back in July 2013 and we had hassles with finance which was sooooo stressful.

We finally settled on the block in February 2014 only to find out we had to go through a whole heap of rigmarol to organise finance for the build.  We had thought our finance broker had it all sorted at the same time as the block purchase but that wasn’t the case.  We eventually had to find someone else to help us get the finance sorted which was actually through a completely new lender which meant a refinance on the block within the first 12 months.  That wasn’t the worst part…. The worst part was blowing nearly 6K on mortgage insurance that the original lender won’t return to us.  That 6K is meant to cover the lifetime of the mortgage so we feel duped by the bank and the mortgage broker who didn’t inform us that we would lose that money.

We’ve had a few stressful years so have had to just let it go and not stress about the 6K (easier said than done).  We were just relieved to finally get the build finance through and be able to build our house.

We have a brilliant builder who has ensured us all the shit is behind us and we can just sit back and relax while he does his thing.  We decided to go with an independent local builder who has a great reputation and really cares about doing the right thing by his clients.

So the posts after this one will journal our travels through building a new home that will hopefully give us a feeling of security and a little place to call our own.  I’ve decided to document our journey so that we can look back over time at what we accomplish and also because I really loved reading other people’s blogs about their builds.

Torquay Block Standing at Corner It’s a corner block. This is standing on the corner looking over the block

I hope you enjoy 🙂



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