Gutters today and a Roof tomorrow

February 2, 2015

Not much to say….. Just that we have gutters 🙂  We also have a roof but I haven’t taken the photos of that yet.  I’ll nick up there tomorrow and take some pictures.  On Thursday we are doing the electrical walk through and then next week the guys will be starting on the Cladding.

We approved the $4hundred and something fee to get the electricity connected.  The power company asked me if I approved the fee (As if I had a choice in the matter).

I’ve also done an ikea run and bought my pendant lights for over the kitchen bench and the dining table (officially my first purchases for the new house).  I am just a tad excited.  Oh and we have also finalised our floor colours which I will add in another post.
For now, here are the gutters.  Ta da da….

Miss 8 at the front of the house

Roof and Gutter Garage

Birds Side View - Roof Frame and Gutters

Look at my Backside :)

I’ll try to get the Roof pics up tomorrow 🙂



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