What is Health?  Until December 2011 I was one of those people who never really gave health a second thought other than to think it was just too hard to make any real changes and wondered if what I ate and how much and how often I moved really made a difference.

I was lucky enough to be blessed with great skin so when I looked in the mirror (from the decolletage and up) I thought I was looking ok.  My weight on the other hand has ALWAYS been an issue for me.  It didn’t matter what I did I just couldn’t lose the weight. I also hadn’t banked on getting Cancer.  Cancer is something that “other people” get.

So what happened in December 2011?  I got diagnosed with Cancer.  You can imagine my old ways of thinking about health have completely changed and the changes had started to happen even before I got diagnosed with Cancer.  Bit by bit, I was becoming increasingly interested in the area of health especially around nutrition.  I am still learning BUT I already have so much information and have learnt so much.  I was introduced by a friend to some amazing nutritional products and amazingly I noticed a difference within my first 4 days of being on the products.  For the first time that I could remember I was sleeping through the night and not waking myself up everytime I rolled over.  I had heaps of energy and really felt like doing some exercise, which for me was walking and I just felt happier.  Best of all I released 4KG of fat in 7 days, I was wrapped to say the least.  I wasn’t worried about trying the products because they had a money back guarantee so I knew if I didn’t think they were right for me I could get my money back.  Needless to say months later I am still taking the products, feeling better than ever and sharing them with all my friends.

I make sure I really try things before I will ever speak about it here and if I recommend something, it is because I have tried it and it works.  Working for me means that it has a positive and toward my goal IMPACT on my life.  So as I try things and work towards living until I’m 125 years old (still running around) I will keep you informed and up to-date.

The other reason I make sure things work before sharing them with my friends is that I believe you get what you pay for and I’m not interested in spending my hard earned cash on cheap and nasty products.  So, some of the products I try while being not the cheapest they are definitely the best.  Especially when it comes to our health, I think we are all worth it.

Feel free to email me anytime with any questions you have about anything that I talk about on this blog.  Some of the things I talk about I may receive a commission for others I won’t.  For me although like everyone I want to earn a decent income it is more about giving you the best and most up to date information regardless of whether there is anything in it for me or not.

I’m really looking forward to hearing from you.


TracieD xox