Weight Loss Tools & Books I Love

Weight loss tools and books that I love and with a hand on my heart can recommend

I really enjoyed reading The Gabriel Method and it helped to put to rest a lot of the anger I felt toward myself for the constant battle to lose weight.  I’d loose 20 or 30 kg only to put it all back on at an alarming rate.  I did that about 4 times.  Jon Gabriel really shows us that through dieting we set ourselves up to fail.  Brilliant book that I thoroughly reccomend and it’s not too expensive.  The only thing I don’t love is the move he has made with a US marketing firm, who have seemed to have lost something in the personalness (I know I just made that word up), he used to have with his audience.  It is all very sales focused now which is a shame.  Still VERY worth a read.   To purchase Jon Gabriels Books & Visualisations click on the link here.

The Gabriel Method How to lose weight without Dieting.

I particularly recommend his original book and you can get a FREE chapter by clicking here.

Jon’s method has amazing syncronicity with Isagenix.  It is about putting real nutrition in your body and working with your mind to have your body want to release the fat.

Once you are putting great nutrition in we also need to make sure that we are releasing the toxins that are through our entire body.

What this video to find out if you are toxic?