Nothing Like It “Wearable Technology” – Helo

August 13, 2017

Omg. You’ve gotta see this… It’s called Helo

I have stumbled across an absolute health phenomenon.

It’s a nothing-like-it wearable technology health device (a huuuuuge business trend) that even the most sceptical of health professionals get convinced of and love it for everything it does.

It truly is… crazy – crazy.

Imagine a device on your wrist that…


— Does Non-Invasive blood sugar testing.

— Protects you from Mosquitoes.

— Uses Sensors to measure blood alcohol level.

— Can raise the oxygen levels in your blood in less than 20 minutes.

— That’s all in one device – using sensors – and there’s more.

It’s totally affordable.

If you are a health conscious person like me, this 4 min video is totally worth checking out!  If you want to know any more about it, message me at my FB Page HERE

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