We are building a new home!

13 January 2015

We have finally started to build our new home so I thought I would show you the progress along the way.  It’s been a tough haul just getting to this stage as we first purchased the block (or rather the bank did) way back in July 2013 and we had hassles with finance which was […]

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Raspberry Friands with and without a Thermomix

14 June 2014

I was actually looking through mums old collection of Australian Women’s Weekly Recipes Cards for an old fashioned pumpkin soup recipe and found a Raspberry Friand recipe that I got when I had a Chef’s Toolbox party at my place.  I realised I actually had all the ingredients so decided on a last minute bake […]

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The Best Thermomix Caramel Slice

11 June 2014

I do not exaggerate when I say the is the best ever thermomix caramel slice.  I actually doubled the amount of caramel that I usually use and it was a velvety smash hit in our home!  This is not a recipe for anyone who is on a sugar free diet as its loaded with the […]

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Mince and potato kinda night

18 March 2014

Hasn’t footy season come around quickly.  I am one of those mums who rushes around from the second I finish work, (I am really lucky to have just started a great job where I get to work during school hours and use all my special marketing skills), picking the kids up from school, getting home […]

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Mum’s Seafood Bisque

2 March 2014

  Mum has come to visit us (it’s been a long time) and whenever she comes to visit she cooks a really yummo meal for us.  This visit it is her seafood bisque.  I decided to throw together a video at the last minute using my phone so please excuse the poor camera quality.  I […]

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