Pretty Sparkly Bling

All the Pretty Sparkly Bling, Ahhhh Fifth Avenue Collection Love

This is the pretty page, where I get to share with you, all the gorgeous Jewellery I love and am now selling.  I have been a customer of Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery for about 9 years and have just recently decided to share my love of it by becoming a jeweller myself.

Here is a link to the Fifth Avenue Collection jewellery site.  It is full of amazing fashion jewellery at pretty amazing prices

This watch is our amazing hostess gift for the month of September 2013.  Every September and January, Fifth Avenue have a watch as a hostess gift.  What makes it even more amazing is that all you have to do to get it is book a show with me in September, no min sales no bookings needed!  How amazing is that?  This gorgeous watch retails for $219.95 and its yours, just for booking in a show!

Swarovski Watch Hostess Gift Free $219.95 Fifth Avenue Collection Hostess Gift Free $219.95 Fifth Avenue Collection Hostess Gift Rear www.fifthavenuecollection.comtdickson

The pictures really don’t do the jewellery any justice so I have set up a new YouTube channel that is dedicated to this jewellery.  The videos are much better at showing the sparkle and quite frankly this jewellery deserves to have its sparkle on show!

Here is the video about this watch plus plenty more to come on my PrettySparklyBling channel!

I will tag everything with “bling” whenever I post anything about Fifth Avenue Collection Jewellery so that you can find it easily!

See Ya Soon

TracieD xox