I love cooking.  I love the feeling I get when I am feeding people the food I have prepared.  My mum was an amazing cook who started married life as a not so amazing cook.

My mum grew up in hotels & pubs with her parents who moved around managing different pubs.  The most famous pub my grandparents managed and where my mum spent a lot of her youth was the “Byron Bay Hotel”.  Because she grew up in hotels she never spent any time with her mother learning how to cook.  She was your “meat, potato & peas” type of cook when she first got married although my dad used to say that she was pretty good at mixing it up.  One night it would be meat, potato and peas and the next would be potato, peas and meat!  That was until my grandmother (Nita, my dads mum) taught her how to cook.  My mum became and amazing cook and I thought she was the best cook in the whole wide world.

My mum would cook the most amazing meals every night for us and it was always very different each night.  Some of my favourites were Veal Schnitzel, Tripe in White Sauce (ewww, yes I can hear you making the noise now), and her Roasts ohhhhhhhhh, my mums roasts were to die for.  Anyway, I think that growing up with a mum who loved to cook was where I got my love of cooking.

My relationship with Cooking has waxed and waned over the years.  There have been times over the last 7 years that my husband and I owned a bricks and mortar business and worked 7 days a week that I didn’t love cooking,  It was more like a chore.  Since my diagnosis of Cancer, cooking has been the one thing that I have really loved doing and in some ways has been very therapeutic.  Even when my brain won’t work properly and I haven’t been able to do other things I love such as reading, cooking has been the thing that I have been able to do and I have enjoyed every second of it.  Do I make mistakes?  Ohhh yeah, but at this stage of my life instead of being frustrated with my mistakes I’ve actually felt like it is an opportunity for me to do it again and get it right.

I have just recently purchased a Shiny new Thermomix so a lot of the recipes I will share with you are made with that and some of them are using the good old fashioned way of cooking.

I hope you enjoy!


TracieD xox